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Every year arround this time.
Creative folks are swetting their bums of in expectation for the THE LIST of guys and girls to be part of this years selection for the acceptance test for the university of applied arts in Vienna.

Every year arround this time.
There are tears of sadness and happyness for the ones who made it and the ones who didn´t.

Lets take a closer look.
Eversince we moved to Vienna we followed the proceedure from entrance of the Portfolio till the actual exeptance of the Student(or dinial).
Ever how, we kept our mouths shut for to long now. we just wont take it any longer!
What we have seen over these years is the reason why Vienna will never be a fashion city-
at least not in my time.

"work hard, be creative, be individuell AND DAMN IT!!! Look that way to! "

If we have learned one thing about the committee of the university of applied arts it would be:
"whats on the outside counts"

Because if you look freaky and creative, then HELL yeah! you´ve got what it takes! And if you are a close friend (get it) of a committee member
*ding* *ding* your in!

So please enjoy your selection of freaks while some, not so visually present, Students build there own way in Fashion.(Or maybe they should turn over to photography?)


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