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Talking to a model

We first spotted Adel during the Damir Doma SS11 Fashion show in paris.
Later saw him on the cover of INDIE Magazine and descided to contact him for an Interview.

When and how did you start modeling?
Mathieu Berthemy cast me in his shoots for the first time over a year ago.... Afterwards, while on vacation, i was scouted by a Premier Model Management scout. He asked me to pass by the London agency.
That was a year ago... Nice experience ever since.

What was you best experience so far?
London Fashion Week fall 2010/2011 when i was cast in 4 shows in one day with 3 pictures in my book. It was unexpected.

Your worst?
Working with people who have no idea what they are doing or what they want. (I won't be giving out names :) )

Who would you love to work with?
I enjoy working with Maison Mathieu Berthemy... I hope that goes on.
I'd like to work with Willy Vanderperre and Steven Meisel hopefully in the near future.

Do you travel a lot?
I love travelling whether for work or just for my pleasure. Whenever i have extra time (and money) , i start browsing possible destinations.
My studies take alot of time though, so I try to manage.

Where do you currently live?
Paris... and loving it.

Tell us about you, who are you? who is Adel Jord?
He's a chubby and geeky teen who ,one day, got lucky with his metabolism.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Travel...Did i mention that already ??? :)
I like to read, watch good movies, observe people and cultures, listen to music and party with close friends.
What is your favourite drink?
a very Long Island .

A room full of spiders or mokeys?
Both. Add felines to the room and it'll be perfect.

Your favourite thing made out of Dough?
My mom's crêpes.

Vladimir Putin

If you could change something which would effect the Fashion industry what would it be?
Beauty comes from within ... Models should be more than just good looks.

Thank you so much for your time! we wish you all the best!

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