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Talking to a make-up artist

Living in Vienna and working as a stylist or as in this case a MAKE-UP ARTIST can be somewhat of a challenge.
We met one of them. Our beloved BIRGIT FUCHS and asked her about her Job/passion and where she likes to go out in Vienna.


Thank you for your time, tell us when did you start realizing that being a make-up artist is your passion?
At the time i picked up my first issue of Vogue and had a closer look at it.

What is it that takes your breath away about it?
Creative spirit as you work together in a team, you have to go with the flow! And you have to feel a positive hit of adrenalien with what you create!


We all know that through make-up a persons apperance can be radically changed. would you say it changes thei self esteam(Selbstbewusstsein) and ther behavior?
I would say bouth things get changed through make-up

What part of the face do you like the most?

proportions of the face are my favourite.

Who would you like to work with if you had the choice?



As i know you have a sweet little daughter, how do you manage being a mum and working as a make-up artist?

I try to keep the balance between joy, consequence, organisation, love and peace at all time in my life.

And what does your child think about that her mum and what she does?

quote:"a very cool mum and when i get big i want to be able to do make-up just like she does!"

You are based in Vienna, do you like it here?
Well, actually i don´t live in Vienna, i live in St. Pölten but i love Vienna! I think its a really beatiful city to be.

Would you go somewhere else?
I am very happy here at the moment but you never know where life will take you!

Your favourite drink?

If you go out in Vienna, where do you like going?
I love going to zirkus maximus at the Club morisson @ Kettenbrückengasse


Thank you so much for you time Birgit. We wish you all the best!


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