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Modepalast 2010

Modepalast 2010 at the Museum of applied arts in Vienna is Austrias biggest and most exciting Fashion Sales exhibition...should

First of all we have to say, AWESOME choice on the location! Much better as the years before at the Museumsquartier. Much more space to fit more guests - which believe me were enough present - and Designers from all over the Globe. 130.

Opening the show, a fantastic stage arrangment, an old white hut surrounded by a balcony and seat arrangement it was not really hard to guess who the major sponsor was(no.. i will not tell you).
So far so good... at this poing I have to say that there were so many - many as in NOT everyone - talented Designers presenting their Work and i think it`s always a pleasure to see fashion with focus on the next(more interesting) generation.

All though you might call it that way the "Catwalk" was simply horrible, models bumping into each other, stumbling along the stage with no ambition, no attitude - OH! WAIT! They did have the "What am I doing here I only get 50€ a day" attitude - took all the attention from the clothes to the living walking hangers.

Another point I have to discuss here is the pree opening day on Tuesday. To many people guys waaaaaay to many even for the large capacity of the location! I didn´t get one free drink!
And YES! you can give aways free drinks on the pree opening event! you would save a lot of bad pr by people like me ;)
(and stop putting water in the decoration liquors!).

Last but not least here is a list of Designers i personally am very smitten about:

Baiba Ripa,



Marcel Ostertag,


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