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Since about the 20th of february @ the Secession museum in Vienna the swiss artist Büchel shows an interessting exhibiton called "Element 6".
"Element 6" is actually a viennese swingerclub that moved from its normal location to the Secession museum @ the Naschmarkt.

Since the first day we heard a lot of discussions going on about this exhibition.
For instance the austrian politician Heinz-christian Strache said "...the liberal party has to be totally fucked up if their head if they give 90.000 euros to a gangbang party at some museum..."

We think: we disagree with the chancellor and his opinionated friends because for us art has allways been provocative and people were and are allways affraid of the new and different. "Der Zeit Ihre Kunst und der Kunst ihre Freiheit" - "Time needs its art and art needs its freedom"

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hc strache is not the chancellor of austria - if that ever happens i'll have to leave the country!!

the chancellor right now is werner faymann.

Dough and Fruit
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Dough and Fruit

Oh so true, if that ever happens i´ll come with you!!! thanx!


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