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Schlafen in Wien

It was Friday the 6th of November at the Hotel Fürstenhof in the 7th district in Vienna where an exhibition of another kind took place.
Schlafen in Wien(sleeping in Vienna) from various artists. They spend 48 hours straight in the Hotel and try to live a life without leaders and any rules besides these:

1. All actions taking place in the different rooms have to be done in a way that a sleepy person is able to sleep

2. Every artist that rented a room, has to be present 48 hours long and has to be able to lead structural and open performances.

3. All rooms have to be open to public all the time, but are also allowed to be closed(the doors)

It was a very interesting evening with many many interesting people, artists and philosophers.
such as:
room 53 - Hautzinger
room 54 - Hauser/Holzer
room 48 - C.C.C.W.
room 49 - bartleby & co
room 50 - das Schaufenster
room 51 - trau schau fremo
room 52 - Fritz Ostermayer & Friends

enjoy the pics.


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Salon Claudine

great! why didn'd i know about this earlier? would have loved to see that.

Dough and Fruit

because there was no publicity for it.
I found it in the Falter. and there it actually didn´t really say what it is about. so i guess i was lucky haha :)


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