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Talking to a model

Florian Pessenteiner is the second model we interviewed for our new column of "talking to a Model".We saw him in Zink Magazine and really liked his attitude/strong look.Here you go. enjoy

When did you decide to take up modeling, or did you even decide your self?
The whole modelling thing started on a trip to Switzerland , when i got scouted on the street while waiting for a bus with my mum ! I got asked if i was interested in doing modelling .. so i signed a contract with my agency in Zurich and that's actually how it started.
I saw that you had few cool editorials in the last time, for Zink Magazine, Indie Magazine for instance. how is your career going now?
At the moment my career is going pretty well I have to say ... Fashion Week here in London is just over , and I had an amazing time . It keeps me busy and as it seem right now I will be busy for the next couple of months . It has been a bit quite over the summer I have to say which was not too bad , coz I took a short break . After Paris Fashion week and travelling to Berlin , Amsterdam , Stockholm and even Serbia i took a short break , just to relax and to rest . After I decided to start again , which was just after 3 weeks , jobs were coming in and I was back to the routine :)
What was you favorite job you had so far?
Hmm that is really really hard to say . My latest projects were all amazing , and all amazing in different ways ... I really enjoyed working with joost vandeborg , doing a short film for a Museum in Amsterdam.

Did you have any bad experiences to?
I think in every job u have bad and good experiences . But the good ones seem to overtake the bad ones when u know with whom u want to work with and for what you're working.
Where do you live at the moment?Do you like it there?
My home at the moment is London. I already live here for about 1 1/2 years and I love it. I have a house in East London which is typical English and I just cant imagine to be somewhere else. Eventually New York is calling. So I will see how long ill be in London for.
Now, besides Modeling do you have any other project that you do for living?
I used to work in retail in the beginning when i came to London. Due to the fact that I cant do something else because of not having time I got back to Full Time Modelling atm . Apart from that I do styling as well, which I love to do . I actually did style my first show during London fw this season.

Do you have a favourite model?
Erm to be honest i dont really have a favorite model. But I really like the work of Sasha P and Jessica S.

I have a few favourite Designers... Rick Owens , Jean Pierre Braganza , Gareth Pugh , and loads more

What is your favourite cocktail?
My favourite cocktail is ... erm a long island ice tea :phahahaha

Thank you so much for your time. we wish you all the best!

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