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Talking to a Model

Now this here is the first interview of many to come. Dough&Fruit is going to interview more models from now on.

When i saw the picture of Dunja in a Magazine the idea came to me to interview her. i have to admit it took a long time to get everything together for the interview and i must say that it was mainly my fault *haha*.

But anyway here is an awesome women working in the Model business.

Name: Dunja K.
height: 178cm
eyes: brown
hair: dark brown
Angency: FM London

Tell me about you. where are you from?

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, however left there when I was 10 years old due to the civil war.
About me? I am highly political, and a touch opinionated, but very chilled and easy going at the same time. Yes, I know that sounds strange.

How did you get to modeling and when?

I was 15 when I was first approached by an agent, after watching a fashion show with my mum, in Australia. I didn’t really believe that I could do modeling, and so didn’t go into the agency until I was 18. Even then I didn’t start doing full time modeling until I was 21, after finishing university.

Are you a full-time model or do you have other projects?

I am a full time model, however I’m also the vice chair of the models committee at the trade union Equity, committed to improving working conditions in the fashion industry.

What was you favorite job you had so far?

I have to say my favorite, though it’s very hard to choose, would be an editorial I shot for Harper’s Baazar with a photographer I hugely admire and respect, Sam Haskins.

As i recall you live in London, would you say London is a good basis to start modeling?

I would, yeah, having had experience in a few different fashion cities, London for me holds some of the nicest people in fashion, most professional and easy to get along with.

Your Opinion on the "models are way to thin" subject!?

I’d say the samples are way too small! I’ve been doing modeling, part time and full time for nearly ten years now, and I have witnessed models and sample sizes shrinking each year. I understand that we cannot have models from size 6 to 16, since it is too costly to have samples of a few different sizes, but we still need some variety. It’s really quite ridiculous to only make size 6 samples .

Did you have any bad experience in your career if yes do you want to share it with us?

I have had some bad experience, as you do in any job, mostly to do with health and safety, and a particular overseas agency. My biggest concern is not having a bad experience, it’s bound to happen every now and then, but having the support and tools to deal with the issue in the appropriate manner.

What is you favourite food?

Mmm, Thai green curry… dribble

Favourite movie?

Tough one, it’s a tie between Time of the Gypsies by Emir Kusturica, and The Reader

What is your advice for young models who have just started to, or want to become a model(besides the "be your self, be natural" blah blah)?

Know yourself and what makes you happy, know what type of modeling you want to do, steer your own career, and take advice, but with a pinch of salt.

Thank you so much for your time Dunja!


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"the samples are way too small!" das nenn ich mal eine gute antwort!

Dough and Fruit

das hab ich mir auch gedacht! super!


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