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LF Markey

Set in the far future in a universe that is not known to man kind and never will be. Pale skinned beings with white hair and constructional clothing in their bodies. A mix of Jersey and different materials to compensate the colors of the tops.
That is my interpretation of the label LF Markey based in London.

LF Markey was founded Louise Markey, a Central Saint Martins student on MA course (surprise!).
If you follow the design line of Markey you will notice the signature colors and cuts that play with the whole construction of each piece.

LF Markey is split into two lines. The Principal Collection // a luxe collection focusing on the volume and form of a piece. more avant-Gard.

The other one would be The Basic Collection - As the name says it its focus is the basic-everyday clothing (see the basic white T-shirt collection by clicking here).

So go ahead and get into your space ship and get ready for take of to unknown worlds of LF Markey.


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