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Scottee dottee

Well this interesting creature we dug out of the costume department at the Dough and fruit shop.
We didn't even know what he was, because someone had put him in the middle of the style - box.


Well, i discovered your page on myspace and i must admit to my shame, that i didn't know you at that time. So tell me about you, how do you see your self?

Good question. Er.. Well first of all - a performer - thats my biggest passion, i love showing off either in films that i make or performance work i create, showing off
is the new black. I'm also very greedy so i learnt how to dj so i could trow parties and play music i wanted to hear. I was once described as a 'piss taker' which i quite
agree with.

When did you find your personality in being a living art (as i would call it)?
I wouldn't say i was living art but i realized when i was about 18 that i could use my body to scare, attract or even repulse people. I knew then i had to find a
way of loosing my own hang ups about my body as it was a powerful tool to use in my performance. Since then I've tried to manipulate my shape & form and
others perception of fat.

Where do you live (no address, just city, country)?

Why do you live there?
London's special. I'm not sure why. Things seem to happen here, people are motivated - politically motivated. There is a feeling of rebellion in London at the moment,
Londoners are not happy with their Mayor, Prime Minister or Political parties, The country is in recession and young people are killing each other on the playground
- which is giving young artists allot of fuel to create reactionary work.
Where do you go out, any favorite club?
I run my own. I found its the best way. 4 years ago I was always disappointed with what was on offer so i started a night called Antisocial with Buster Bennett we
created our own mess and enjoyed picking up the pieces week by week. Now London is bursting with art/club nights. i favor my own For3ign! (of course) Jodie Harsh' Circus
& the infamous Boombox.

The best thing in the world is.....?

Cake. Im a huge fan of cake. Its very symbolic, if you think about it we have cake at almost every event in our life (Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding)
and why? Im not sure - but it tastes really good.

The worst thing is....?

Becoming a vegetarian. I miss meat but i know i shouldnt. It going well though.

Do you live from the art that you do?
Yes. I always feel ashamed to say i do so as its not really a real job. I dont make huge decisions that will effect peoples life directly
but i suppose if you worked in an office you wouldnt either.

When and where did you DJ for the first time?
Cynthia. Soho. 2004. It was terrible.

Did the people like it?
No but i loved it.

Any favorite artist?
OH god loads. I suppose the obvious is Bowery - he has had a huge influence on my work but my biggest love is
Dawn French. I love fat girls.

Do you know LESLIE HALL??
Leslie & the LY's - duh! i told you i LOVE fat girls.


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