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It could be real (YUMMY)

The Modern Toilet is a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan with a modern decor and a full-on toilet theme.
All 100 seats in the restaurant are made out of... no not chairs... but toilet-seats.
Sink faucets and gender-coded "WC" signs appear throughout the three-storey facility, one of 12 in an island-wide chain of eateries.
Would you like to taste the ice-cream shaped like shit??


Your eyes tell lies, because these toilets are not real, you can eat out of them and they taste very good!


3 reasons what you should NOT do in this restaurant:
_1. Never bring your Dogs (drinking out of the plates which are toilet seats as well)
__2. Not a good place to toilettrain your child
___3. Make shure you know which toilet is the right one!



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