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(demon) BABY BABY (demon) BABY

The story how we found Demonbabies is pretty simple, myspace is a source of colored people presenting themselfs, so we found them - liked them - interviewed them!

Here you go, enjoy and check out their homepage!


When i look at your art, i see (as the name says "demonbabies") an influence of the "dark" side, but tell me, how did you come up with a name and the demon style?

It's my psychedelic vomit. I throw up demons, freaks or tricks & treats from my soul so I can remain a better human being. Years ago in Detroit, MI USA I was living in the worst rut of my entire adulthood. I was broke and hopping from place to place. I had been drawing strange and unusual creatures and characters my whole life...and one night while playing records at a local bar, I spewed slime onto a napkin and the babies were born!! I was cured!!! That's how I remember it...something like that.

Tell me about your background, where or did you study?

I was born in Miami but we fled when I was a baby after my father was killed by Colombians in a surreal gun battle near the Atlantic Ocean. My mother took us back to her hometown of Metro Detroit where I was raised. Our favorite thing was to watch movies. My mother bought us a VCR in like 1983 and my grandparents had the first incarnation of cable television which eventually became my babysitter. I would stay up real late and watch the weirdest shit!! That's my schooling right there. Popular culture in the 70's and 80s was so weird and very influential for me.

What does your art say about your personality?

xxx†††xxx live in color xxx†††xxx

If you could choose to live in another era, which would that be and why?

How about another dimension?!

Do you relate to some other artist?

Kenneth Anger, Jim Henson, Sid & Marty Krofft, Pedro Bell

Who is your favorite Artist when it comes to art and graphic design?

There is this amazing machine used in the 70s and 80s called the 'Scanimate'. It created all the insane glowing analog graphics I saw growing up watching shows like 'The Electric Company'. It's like a giant Moog Modular but for video and only 8 were produced. The people who operated that machine make it to my top 5 list!!


Where do you go out? any favorite club?

I've been wanting to check out this bar in Koreatown called 'Miss T's Barcade' it's an arcade bar!! Other than that I dig seeing shows at 'The Smell' from time to time, or the occasional after hours binger where the freaks come out!

What is your favorite place to be and you could spend a lot of time there?

In the woods in Michigan in October drinking whiskey around a bonfire with friends. Those Hallmark moments really tear me up inside

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

Rainbows, Lightning, Magick, Music

Where can you purchase your art? or you can buy shirts at

What drink do you like most?

You know, I have this drink that turns you into a regular party animal! Its a smoking pink potion straight from the laboratory! You sprout hair, gold chains and chase women throughout the night like an animal!! Other nights, I enjoy a Jameson on the rocks.

the end.



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