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A tisket a tasket i lost my SEXY Basket

Hot - hotter - Loulou Loves you would be right in this case, the smart girl from London known by the name Loulou has a little secret which i would say is so hot you could burn yourself //RAWW//
Anyway Dough and fruit was set back in time to the 50s in Chicago where the Gangsters are actually good looking and smoking their cigarillos.
And listening to Jazz all day long, where these beautiful girls with their awesome hair does and blond curls and their satin slippers wear nothing else then the finest Lingerie.

Did i say Lingerie, oh!! i´m sorry now i told you the secret:) enjoy!


How did you get started with your brand "loulou loves you"?
Loulou Loves You came about via a story a little big like this:

I'm taking a Fine Art degree --> I get ill:( --> I don't get to finish the degree --> I take some dressmaking and Pattern cutting classes --> I'm obsessed with Lingerie --> I get better! --> I take a lingerie class --> Why not start a business --> HURRAH!

When i look at your designs i see mainly influences from the 40s and 50s why (or does) this time fascinate you?
I don't specifically take influence from that era, it's probably more that I am used to wearing similar trends myself and so it reflects in what I make. The styles from the 40's and 50's suit my body the best and I like the idea of dressing up daily and not just for special occasions which is something that was definitely reflected in Womens dress from those eras. In my work now, I make items that are a little frivolous, luxurious but fun, something to show off.


Would you say from your self you are an unique designer?

Ooh I don't know, I don't think I'm alone in my love for bows and the carnivalesque. I'm trying to put my own personality across though, so the brand is an extension of me and not something completely separate. I am making pieces that I want for myself (I'm greedy with clothing!) and hoping that other people enjoy my likes too.

Do you think your underwear fashion fits into the present fashion trends?
Well recently bows have been coming back into fashion and so that's pretty current for now, although I've been wearing the bows for years and just wanted to spread the bow love. The current lingerie collection with all the bright colours is fitting into the seasons love for block colours. I think the underwear is more niche than mainstream, as not all of it is everyday wear, it's a little more eccentric, but I have cut it so that it's comfortable and wearable.


What music do you listen to?
At the moment I am re listening to all of The Strokes albums, guilty pleasure pop punk like Mcr and Patd!, My Bloody Valentine, Les Savy Fav Bruce Springsteen and Sleeping States.

How does that effect you?
I usually have different music themed weeks depending on my mood. I love to allocate a theme to everything. I might listen to a lot of fast and loud music when I'm trying to get a lot of fabric cut out and maybe something a little more dreamlike for when I'm doing interviews and emails. I have to say though I do like to watch movies and tv shows while I am sewing, It's my best time to catch up on all my viewing favourites.

Where can you purchase your Lingerie?
You can purchase Loulou Loves You lingerie and accessories via and also from the boudoir-esque boutique Dirty Pretty Things in Sydney, Australia.

What do you like about London?
Actually one of the reasons I like London so much is that I am not from here, I grew up more in the countryside and so I have never had a chance to get overly bored with the city and I know I can escape home when I like.

Here are some of the things that make me like London:

The London Buses
Chip shop chips
The Science Museum and the Natural History museum and in fact all the galleries and museums.
The nightlife, you can do anything and everything if you are feeling social.
The facts that it's a big city but you still bump into friends in the street.
Regents park and my annual Zoo pass.

I have a list of things that I don't like but I won't write about that.



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Thank-you! very cute piece, Loulou xo


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